Digital assets

Digital assets

数字货币简称为DIGICCY,是英文“Digital Currency”(数字货币)的缩写,是电子货币形式的替代货币。数字金币和密码货币都属于数字货币(DIGICCY)。

The digital currency is abbreviated as DIGICCY, which is an abbreviation of English “Digital Currency” and is an alternative currency in the form of electronic money. Digital gold coins and password currency are all digital currency (DIGICCY)


Digital currency is different from virtual currency in the virtual world because it can be used for real goods and services transactions, not limited to online games. The early digital currency (digital gold currency) was a form of electronic money named after the weight of gold. Today's digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and PPCoin, are electronic money that is created, distributed and circulated by means of checksum cryptography. It is characterized by the use of P2P peer-to-peer technology to issue, manage and circulate currency. In theory, it avoids the approval of bureaucracies and gives everyone the right to issue currency.

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