Foreign exchange

Foreign exchange

外汇交易就是利用两种货币的价格预测进行交易. 交易者通过购买/卖出货币兑进行货币交易,举个例子: 当某交易者在进行EUR/USD买入操作时,意味着他购入了欧元,并卖出了美金.

Forex trading is trading with price forecasts in two currencies. Traders trade currencies by buying/selling currencies, for example: When a trader is doing a EUR/USD buy operation, it means he bought it. The euro, and sold the dollar.

当您了解并掌握了外汇交易的盈利策略后,您会发现外汇市场的潜力是无限的. 其中的关键便是在外汇交易策略中的资金管理和规范. 在VT MARKETS网站的”新闻”和”培训”页面下,您可以找到许多关于外汇交易策略的信息和知识, 通过阅读这些内容,您可以了解外汇交易可以给您带来的利益.

When you understand and master the profit strategy of Forex trading, you will find that the potential of the foreign exchange market is unlimited. The key is the fund management and regulation in the foreign exchange trading strategy. "News" on the VT MARKETS website and " Under the Training page, you can find a lot of information and knowledge about Forex trading strategies. By reading these contents, you can understand the benefits that Forex trading can bring to you.


The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market with a daily circulation of more than $4 trillion. Every transaction in almost all trading markets will have an impact on the foreign exchange market, including the futures market, the fund market, and the stock market. At the same time, all banks, governments and companies all over the world are involved in this hugely liquid global foreign exchange market. Their trading behavior causes price fluctuations, which in turn makes it possible for foreign exchange traders to make long-term profits.

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