Financial security

The company is a US-registered trading platform with NFA's regulatory qualifications, one of the world's four largest regulators. It is regulated, safe and reliable. It is worth adding that it also has third-party banks to monitor the flow of funds, investors can rest assured Investing, free from worries.

The client funds enter the platform transaction through the third-party payment channel, and the People's Bank of China has issued a new regulation in the payment field, “Notice on the Implementation of the Central Depository of the Payment of Clients' Payments by the General Office of the People's Bank of China”, which clarifies the third party. In the course of the transaction, the payment institution's customer deposit will be deposited in the designated account in the future, and the central bank will supervise it. The payment institution shall not misappropriate and occupy the customer's reserve fund, thus ensuring the safety of the client's funds.

Regulatory and financial security

Morse places great emphasis on the safety of client funds and takes extra protection measures and has up to $10 million in loss compensation insurance. As a Morse customer, your financial security is absolutely guaranteed.

Safety and security of funds

  • Morse is authorised and regulated by the United States (NFA) and has always maintained a perfect record
  • Morse works with the world's top banks, including Barclays Bank, HSBC, etc.
  • According to Morse's historical records, there have never been any financial disputes since its establishment

Customer funds segregated storage

At Morse, we always put the safety of our clients' funds first. In order to comply with the NFA's regulatory requirements and to align with the client's asset sources, we separate all funds belonging to retail customers and their own funds separately to ensure the safety of client funds. The funds of all customers around the world are deposited in the world's top international banks.

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